Northern Arizona University Heritage Society Membership

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I recognize the powerful impact a planned gift has on the lives on NAU students. My gift will enable future generations to receive an education that can transform lives and the world. I am pleased to inform you that I have provided a gift after my lifetime to benefit Northern Arizona University through the Northern Arizona University Foundation.

I understand that this gift is revocable and can be modified by me at any time. I further understand that I (or my estate) am not legally or morally obligated to fulfill this intention if I choose to modify or cancel such planned gift at a later date.

Tell us about your gift.

I have provided my gift in my:

All planned giving donors qualify for inclusion and recognition as Heritage Society Members. Inclusion allows the Foundation to express continued thanks for intended gifts, and allows my planned gift intention to serve as encouragement to others.

Please select one:

Yes, please include me/us as a Heritage Society Member.
Yes, please include me/us as a Heritage Society Member, but do not publicly recognize me/us.